Sunday, August 3, 2008

Annika's First Birthday Party

Yesterday, we had Annika's first birthday party and it was a smashing success. Annika's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and local cousins joined us for the festivities, which included a BBQ lunch. Annika was treated to MANY generous gifts from her loved ones - including adorable clothes, stuffed animals, a silver spoon and fork to match her baptism cup, books, and a few donations to her college fund.

Of course, the most fun was watching Annika destroy her cake. Once she figured out that the frosting was sweet, there was no stopping Annika! She dove into the cake with gusto and was so covered with cake and frosting, that she wound up in the kitchen sink for a quick bath before continuing with the party.

Pretty Birthday Girl

The Cake (for the grown-ups, not the one to be squished)

"Hmmm... this stuff is kind of fun to play with!"


Annika after the party ... so tired!

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