Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our big one-year-old girl

This time a year ago, we were reveling in the idea that a beautiful baby girl had entered our lives not 12 hours earlier. How is it possible that a year has already flown by? I think about all of the things Annika has learned since her birth - holding up her head, rolling over, crawling, feeding herself, walking while holding on to things, babbling, playing, and our two favorites, laughing and smiling. We definitely brought a ham into this world. Annika seems to feed off of other people's energy and loves being the center of attention. She's also incredible at focusing on a task. Give her a remote control to poke at or a napkin to shred and she's content for quite some time.

Last night, I found myself a bit teary as I laid Annika in her bed. It hit me, really hit me, that Annika was going to wake up in the morning and no longer be a baby. I said good night to my baby and good morning to my big one-year-old girl. Of course, she'll always be my baby, but last night was just a strong reminder that every day is precious and we truly are always moving forward.

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Kate said...

Noreen and I were in our 30s and our mother was still calling us "her babies." Annika will always be your baby -- even if she's not technically a baby anymore.