Monday, June 23, 2008

Counting down to vacation

Next week, we're off to visit my sister and her family at their cabin. I can hardly wait. The cabin has become one of my happy places in life. It is a place to reconnect with family, relax, play in the lake, and just be happy. This will be Annika's first trip to the lake; it amazes me how our packing list has changed from 2 summers ago! (We didn't go last year because I was VERY pregnant.) Two years ago, our packing list definitely didn't include a travel crip, bottle warmer, johnny-jump-up, a blow-up pool, or diapers. Our car will be fuller than ever before en route to the cabin and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We're hoping to out-wit Annika by driving over at night. The goal is for her to sleep the majority of the way over there. Fingers are crossed.

Last week, we experienced some vacation drama. Our company is moving into a new building and we got word that the move was getting bumped by a week... yup, the week we were supposed to go to the cabin. After much work on coming up with plans B through Q, we decided the best approach was for Eric to stay home and Annika and I would go to the cabin on our own. Friday afternoon, one of the owners of our company told Eric that her heard about the timing glitch and offered to postpone some of the move so Eric could go on vacation with us. HURRAY!!!! Needless to say, he and Eric's boss are definitely getting cookies or a cake! :)

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