Monday, June 2, 2008

Annika's 1st trip to the zoo

On Saturday, Annika and I joined my friend Caroline and her little boy (Gage) at Woodland Park Zoo. This was Annika's first trip to the zoo and she did splendidly. The tiger seemed to be the animal that most caught her attention; I think the stripes and the fact it was walking around and making noises helped. The bears were napping (one with its tongue sticking out), as were many of the other animals. We got rained on (hey, it is Seattle!) but not too bad. Annika even petted goats and a rabbit in the Family Farm area.

After 2+ hours at the zoo, Annika was wiped out, so we headed home. She was asleep before we reached the car and napped for almost 3 hours. I snapped these pictures right after we got home. Talk about a tired kid!

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