Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another tooth is on its way

It looks like Annika's 3rd tooth will make an appearance sooner rather than later. Her upper middle right gum looks ready to show us her next chomper.

I find it funny that Annika isn't even a year old, and I already find myself mourning her childhood. Not a whole lot, but a little bit. A few nights ago, I sorted through her clothes (I really do have a love affair with plastic storage bins!) and put the items that she has outgrown into their respective size-sorted bins. (Did I mention my obsession with my label maker?) As I put her wee little clothes away, I reminised about her wearing them ... and not wearing them. (Many were given as gifts thinking she'd be a bigger baby than she was. By the time she was able to fit into them, they were very much out of season.)

Now that she's sprouting teeth, crawling around like a champ, and pulling herself up on things, I get a little teary thinking about how she isn't going to be a baby forever ... let alone one for much longer. She's going to be a toddler before we know it.

Time sure flies when you have a little one to keep you hopping.

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Who Am I? said...

They're Toddlers now. I can't tell you how sad it made me to buy 1T's. I liked the infant section.