Monday, July 23, 2018

Recent Baking Exploits

It is funny how baking requests seem to come in waves. Recently, we were asked to help with two different baking projects for the same day: a friend's 50th bday party and a baby shower for my sister's co-worker.

 My husband is a VERY talented man (duh!) and, once again, showed his skill working with fondant and a smattering of random pointy tools. I cannot even begin to understand how he so easily and beautifully takes a lump of fondant and makes a person... or an animal... or whatever else someone requests for the top of a cake. Bravo, hon!!

Jim (Elaine's husband) asked us to make the cake and gave us free license for the design. He sent over a couple of options that caught his eye (over the hill stuff) and so we used that as inspiration for Elaine's birthday cake. In our opinion, she is anything but over the hill, so made a happy, flower-covered hill. Two unknowns were big parts of the cake... would the fondant figure successfully stand (she did!) and would the cookie cutters cooperate when I cut out the fondant letters (they did!). WHEW!

My sister's co-worker is fairly new to the area and is expecting her first baby soon. To celebrate the baby's upcoming arrival, the people at work decided to throw her a baby shower. Once the planning process started, Suzanne asked if I'd make sugar cookies for the party. Umm... YES!! I love making cookies and for a baby? EVEN BETTER!

The desserts from both parties were met with rave reviews. So glad everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a hand in their eventual sugar rushes!

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