Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kid Time

First, I have to say that our summer has been pretty darned great. We've had a lovely balance of relaxation and fun activities all smooshed together. Today, was definitely one for the "fun activities" column. The kids and I got the chance to visit some school friends .... moreover, their animals!

The Clausons' goat had her baby 2 weeks ago, and if I'm being honest, I was dying to get a chance to meet the wee one. Tonight was THE night.... squeee!! After dinner, the kids (ha!! I should use their names to avoid confusion between our kids and the baby goat) and I hopped into the car and within a few minutes, found ourselves knocking on their door.

Annika and Conor got in lots of goat snuggles and quickly learned that goat babies are very willing to nibble/nurse on anything within reach, including chins, noses, elbows, hair, cheeks, arms, skirts, shorts, shirts, and legs (human and chicken). They also learned how to feed a goat a bottle of milk and how to milk a goat. (After we got home, Annika proclaimed, "Bucket list item checked off! Milk something.")

In addition to the goats, the kids (again, ours) got to spend quality time with the chickens. Ever since we were at the farm last summer, Conor has had a true fondness for chickens. He prides himself on his egg-finding skills and really seems to enjoy the company of chickens. Tonight was no exception. Annika practically stalked the baby goat (in a good way) while Conor (while a fan of the goats) seemed quite drawn to the chickens, too. A little taste of farm life is so good for the soul!!!

We are incredibly grateful for the chance to get in touch with our inner farmers and spend time with animals that are beyond the typical "family pet".

Annika learning how to bottle feed a goat

Goats tickle!!!

Annika would keep this goat forever if she could

Conor getting to know the baby goat

He agrees that goats are tickly

Annika milking the mama goat

Conor had the "up close and personal" approach to goat milking

Chicken snuggles
Babies will mouth anything....

Oh, and the Clausons have bee hives, too!

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