Friday, July 17, 2015

Piñata Fun

In an effort to keep our kids busy and to keep their creativity flowing, we decided to take on the multi-day project of making piñatas.

Thanks to a quick Internet search, I was able to get the recommended glue/water ratio and after tearing up a newspaper and blowing up a couple of balloons, the kids happily set off covering their balloons in goopy strips of newspaper.  Wisely, I covered their work area with Hefty bags that I duct taped to the deck. Amazingly, it contained the mess beautifully.

We hung the newly-made piñatas from our sun canopy on the deck and I'm pretty sure anyone who looked up from the road probably thought we had two huge wasp nests up there! The final layer of the piñatas was paper towel (a tip from the Internet) to make painting easier, but it also gave a distinct "wasp nest" look to the projects.

The following day, the kids were able to paint their piñatas. Our current streak of warm weather definitely helped this project move along at a speedy pace. Even with Conor's generous use of the glue, they were almost dry enough to paint the first day. That said, we waited until the second day just to be safe.

Both kids did a marvelous job painting their piñatas. Annika decided to make hers into a pink donkey. Naturally, Conor followed suit and made his into a blue donkey. They worked diligently for good half hour before proclaiming that their creations were complete. Once again, we hung the piñatas from our sun canopy (that thing is so handy) and left them to dry.

Even though no rain was in the forecast, I was a bit nervous about how the piñatas would do over night. Fortunately, my fears were completely unnecessary!  The piñatas survived the night completely unscathed.

By the next day, the paint was dry and the kids were ready to destroy the creations they worked so hard on. During the day, the kids filled their piñatas with trinkets they found around the house (plastic pirate coins, random Legos, deflated balloons, dress up necklaces, etc.).  It highly entertained me that even though they knew exactly what was in their piñatas, the kids were still excited and acted surprised by what scattered all over our deck as the piñatas erupted.

That night after dinner, we hung the piñatas for a third time and the kids let loose on their masterpieces. Before the kids began, Eric and I warned the kids that their piñatas felt a bit flimsy and would probably fall apart pretty quickly. Boy were we wrong! Those things too one heck of a pounding before giving up their goods! Way to go, our little piñata engineers/builders! :)

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