Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Date Day at Adventura

On Saturday, Eric and I ditched the kids (aka hired a sitter) and went on an incredibly fun date at Adventura. Oh. My. Goodness. Such a good time!

What is Adventura? Basically, it is a ropes/obstacles course that is a playground for adults. There are a variety of ropes obstacles that are suspended from a structure of telephone poles. A reservation is for 2.5 hours of play time... actually less than that once the equipment is distributed and the safety part of the training is complete.

That said, when we first arrived and saw the structure, we both said, "That's it?" The structure was smaller (in terms of its footprint, not height) than we expected and I couldn't imagine we'd be up there for 2+ hours and not feel bored after a short time. Boy, was I wrong!!

The course

Getting ready for our adventure to begin

Once we got up on the structure (with 20-ish other people), we quickly understood that the course wasn't something you quickly pop through and then stand around twiddling your thumbs. Each challenge is just that ... a challenge. Every path between two poles was different and could be made more or less difficult based on how it was approached. That said, a few of the obstacles were difficult, no matter how they were approached. We used so much core strength while we were up on high!!

By far, my favorite parts were the two zip lines. I had been anticipating them from the day I made our reservation to go to Adventura and they did not disappoint. So... much... fun!!

The really neat thing I took away from the experience, aside from having a few hours of fun with Eric, was how everyone on the course started rallying for each other as time progressed. We were a group of strangers, but that didn't stop us from whooping and hollering when someone conquered a challenge, cheering people on as they struggled, and laughing together as we talked about our blunders and falls. Some people were there to conquer a fear of heights, others were there for a bit of fun, yet others were there to spend time with someone special ... once we got up there, we all became a bit of a team pulling each other up and helping each other through the course.

Yes, we have a few bruises from our adventure, but so many more good memories and moments to laugh about. Even a few days later, Eric and I are still recounting our experiences ... learning from them, laughing about them, and grateful to have shared them with each other.

Eric on his way up to get the fun started

Us on top of the world (or about 40 feet up ... whichever)

Eric the balancing man

The zip lines were AWESOME!!!

Nothing like your wife making you stop mid-challenge for a photo op!

And a few videos for your viewing pleasure!

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