Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Discovery Park Photos

Last night, the Mamas with Cameras group had an on-location photo shoot at Discovery Park. I really enjoy these outings for a number of reasons... the woman are great fun to be with, I always learn how to improve my photography, and I often get to visit new places.

We couldn't have been luckier in terms of weather last night. The sun was out, but the clouds kept us from having to deal with harsh light. The clouds in relation to the sun actually gave us amazingly beautiful sun rays to take in.

As we approached the beach, we saw a man playing with his two dogs. One was a short-legged mutt and the other was a very eager-to-please golden retriever who LOVED to fetch driftwood logs out of the Sound. What absolutely floored me was the fact he'd trained his dogs to drink out of a water fountain! Impressive way to avoid having to carry a dog bowl around.

Most people who know me know that I'm a sucker for lighthouses. The are a marvelous nod to days gone by and to life on the water (my dream). I often imagine myself sitting at the top of a lighthouse looking out over the water and simply taking in the view (assuming it isn't foggy, of course!). The lighthouse at Discovery Park didn't disappoint; it has charm and character... not to mention a great view!

The driftwood, the lighthouse, the sailboats near Shilshole, the dogs, and the sun/clouds all proved to be amazing photography subjects for our group. Beyond the sheer satisfaction of being in such a stunning place, I was also grateful to have learned how to better capture the sun rays as they filter through the clouds (change aperture to 20 or 22!). I was also granted plenty of opportunities to play with including layers (for example, logs + beach + water + bluff) in my photos.

Once we decided it was time to call it a night, we began to wander back to the parking lot and were treated to a view of Mt. Rainier, which had been hiding behind clouds earlier in the evening. Can't beat that!!

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