Friday, April 18, 2014

My baking buddy

Last night, I busied myself making a chocolate pudding tart and, not at all surprisingly, Conor asked if he could help as soon as he heard the mixer going. (The fact that he abandoned his new "Land Before Time" movie to make something with me is REALLY saying something!)

I'd already mixed the dry ingredients together, so Conor jumped in to help add the ice water and egg yolks to the dough. One of our kids' favorite things to do is crack eggs. This time, things got even better!! I showed Conor our egg separator and let him crack the egg open over it. He was amazed and struck with a wonderful case of the giggles as he watched the egg whites ooze away from the yolk. The squeals of, "COOL" and "EEWWW! GROSS SLIMY" definitely gave me a laugh, too.

I was a little nervous about having him pour things into the Cuisinart's small spout, but he did a fantastic job! No spilled water or egg yolks overboard. He can help me make tart crust any time!!

In goes the water
(like the safety goggles??)

Corralling a slippery egg yolk

Making things with Mama is fun!

After we were done with our project, a double rainbow graced our neighborhood. I hope that means our
tart will be tasty. Conor hopes it means he can go looking for treasure!

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