Monday, April 28, 2014

April 2014 Daring Bakers' Challenge: Easter Bread

This month's Daring Bakers' challenge couldn't have been more perfect if it tried!! This month, we were challenged to make Easter bread. The beauty, aside from the fact that it was an Easter bread challenge, was I didn't have to find time to complete the challenge; I was already planning on making Easter breads because, let's face it, that's what I do :)

I started off making Aunt June's mother-in-law's hot crossed buns recipe. It's an old, old, old family favorite and it didn't fail to impress. I took a batch to work and a batch to the kids' teachers on Good Friday. Annika, I found out, is a HUGE hot crossed buns fan. Such a smart girl! (Eric still votes for more frosting... those crosses just don't cut it for him. I've decided he needs hot asterisked buns!) ;)

Was I going to stop there?? Oh no, no no. I also made Easter Bunny breads to have as an Easter morning nosh.... and when I got tired of shaping bunnies (surprisingly, that was only after 5 bunnies ... they're shockingly mundane to shape), I changed tactics and started breading my remaining dough into wreaths.

Not sure if that is a very traditional Easter shape, but it still tasted just as good!! I also made dove-shaped rolls for Easter dinner, but neglected to get a photo of the completed ones ... we were too busy eating them! 

What does one do with all of this leftover Easter bread? Why, make it into bread pudding, of course! 

I now need to return to my usual low-carb lifestyle so I can fit in my summer pants... Easter was very carby and oh so yummy!! :)

The April Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Wolf of Wolf’s Den . She challenged us to Spring into our kitchens and make Easter breads reflecting cultures around the world.

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