Friday, April 25, 2014

Baptized, Bath-tized ... Tomato, Tomahto

While in the car yesterday, the kids and I began talking about our upcoming weekend plans, which include going to my brother's house for lunch and mass. I explained to Annika and Conor how freaking cool it is that Fr. Fred (our dear, dear, dear family friend) is going to say mass for us.

Annika asked, "who is Fr. Fred, again?" We talk about Fred a lot and Annika knows he's going to bless her St. Elizabeth necklace, but she doesn't see him often enough to keep him in her first and foremost memories. I explained that Fr. Fred performed the weddings for Uncle Troy and Uncle Andrew AND he baptized Annika, Conor, as well as big cousins Ian and Kat. (He also drove down to Portland, OR to say my dad's funeral mass a couple of years ago, but I didn't want to open that can of worms...)

At that point, Annika started to giggle quietly. I asked her why she was laughing, to which she answered, "You said BaPtized." I said, "Uh huh... and?" She said, "It is BaTHtized."

Naturally, at that point, I had to bite my lip until it practically bled to keep from laughing at her absolute adorable-ness!

When I was sure I could speak with out tee-hee'ing, I asked, "Do you think it is bathtized because the baby has water poured on its head and its it getting cleaner?" "Yup!" she replied.

Sure! Makes sense. You take a bath with water ... a baptism includes water. I can see the connection. :)

Fr. Fred "bath-tizing" Annika
(Nov. 2007)

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