Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowy in Seattle

For a couple of days, the media called for snow today. We didn't buy it. We've been fooled too many times before ... hearts broken, dreams dashed. When Cliff Mass chimed in and said it would snow, we took notice!

Lo and behold! We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. (When Conor saw the snow, he proclaimed, "It's CHRISTMAS!!!" Not quite, Sweetie, but we applaud your enthusiasm!) Sure, people in many other parts of the country would roll their eyes at the little amount of snow that delights us (and delays/cancels our school), but we're from Seattle... we'll take what we can get. And considering we haven't had any snow accumulations in almost 2 years, we'll take this amount with smiles on our faces and snowballs in our hands!

The kids' school was closed due to the weather (again, insert a collective eye roll from other parts of the country), which means no working from home. I brought my laptop home in case there was a delayed start knowing I'd be able to work once school opened, but two kids at home all day wasn't conducive to me getting any work done. So, we turned it into a day of leisure and fun. Oh darn!

We knew the snow wasn't supposed to stick around for long (rain was expected by noon), so as soon as the kids were fed, we got them into their snow gear and headed outside. The snow was PERFECT for snowballs... not to sloppy, not too dry. Naturally, we started pounding each other with said perfect snowballs as soon as we had closed the front door. Isn't that what all loving families do?? :)

The kids (and their parents) had an absolute blast in the snow. Aside from pelting each other with snow balls, we (meaning the kids) made snow angels on the lawn and Eric took Annika for a spin on the snow disc we're storing at our house for some friends who live in Mexico (thanks, Leo and Dulce!!). It was a wonderful treat to pause during this chaotic and frenzied time of year and simply play, enjoy peals of laughter, and feel the trickle of melting snow down the backs of our necks.

Thanks, Mother Nature, for a great day!

Eric taking Annika for a spin around the front yard

Conor trekking down the snowy walkway

Annika hitting her target, aka Eric

Annika enjoying the falling snow

Childhood delight

Conor the red-nosed kiddo

Annika perfecting her snow angel technique

Conor proudly pummeling Eric's leg with snow

Conor's snow angel ... one of many we saw during the morning

My handsome husband!!

Conor decided to make it snow even more by throwing snow into the air

By the end of the morning, Conor was a snowball pro

Who needs a slip and slide when you have a snowy lawn to slide on?

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