Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Tree Huntin' We Go!

This is only the 3rd of December, but the month already seems to be screaming by us at a record pace. Eric and I decided that, because we're having friends over on Saturday for a dinner party, we wanted to have the Christmas tree up and decorated before then. That left us with "huh... when should we get the tree??" discussion and we decided tonight was the night. I got to the store first and decided to hunker down and take pictures of the kids as they approached and noticed me in front of them. It made my heart leap to see their little faces light up with glee when they saw me.

We quickly found ourselves wandering up and down the aisles of the trees in search of THE ONE for us, we discovered that we are a very discerning group. I lean toward preferring the bushier trees and Eric definitely favors trees that are symmetrical. The kids just like to run around and take hold of any tree within arm's reach. Considering it was hovering right around freezing, we weren't in a lolly-gagging mood, but we also weren't going to get just any ol' tree to escape the elements... we're no quitters!!

After a few trips up and down the tree section, we settled on a tree that is perfect for us. The kind lady lopped of the bottom part of the stump and netted the tree for us. We thought ahead a bit (OK, Eric thought ahead a bit... shocker, I know!) (Please note my incredible use of sarcasm there.) and also bought a tarp, saving the car's interior from being embedded with a million pine needles.

The tree got home without incident and after a little furniture rearranging, we now have a beautiful tree in our front room. It smells absolutely glorious!! Tomorrow, we'll cover it in lights and ornaments.... can't wait!

Visual contact!

Annika liked this tree so much that she had to hug it

Tree shopping Conor

Eric was a very discerning tree evaluator

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