Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend of Sick Kiddos

Over the past few months, our weekends have been jam packed with various activities. I mean PACKED!! This past weekend was our first in a looooong time that was without plans, aside from swim lessons, of course. Even though our previous weekends were filled with fun things, knowing a quiet weekend was ahead of us was something I looked forward to.

Then a stomach bug attacked our kids.

The quiet, relaxed weekend turned into a weekend full of hurting tummies and cleaning up barf. Oh yeah, we totally know how to kick back!! On an up note, because this was our quiet weekend without plans, we didn't have to cancel anything (aside from swim lessons, of course).

We set up a sick bay in the TV room and had the kids lay low all day. They napped, they watched TV, they snuggled with the heating pad, they barfed.... correction, only Conor did that, but he picked up his sister's slack in that department. Fortunately, our kids are willing to nap when they don't feel well; in fact, we didn't put anyone down for a nap on Sunday, yet both kids took at least 2 naps.

From a mom's standpoint, it is horrible to see your kids sick. If they're injured, you kiss the owie, put some ice on it, and call it good. When they're sick, you just have to wait it out and feel helpless (while holding a bucket in front of your child). I hated knowing I couldn't fix what ailed them; I did what I could to help them through it, but that isn't the same as fixing it, huh?

Fortunately, by yesterday afternoon, the kids had recouperated enough to play with and annoy each other. Once again, all is right in the world.

Our little sickies

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