Friday, April 12, 2013

MDA Hop-A-Thon

Yesterday, Annika's class participated in the annual MDA Hop-A-Thon. The kids have been practicing their hopping skills like hyper little bunny rabbits! Each day for the past week, Annika has told us how many times she hopped during her minute of practicing.

The night before the big event, Annika made sure to pick out her hopping dress, hopping socks, and hopping underpants... little did I know that parts of her wardrobe were specifically for hopping.

In addition to spending a few days building up their leg muscles, Annika and her classmates also learned about muscular dystrophy and disabilities on the whole. They talked about how some people use wheel chairs, other people can't see, etc. During circle time, Annika told her class about how her cousin Kat is special because she has Rett Syndrome; Annika was able to answer questions posed by her teachers and classmates about Kat's disability, specifically how Kat uses a wheelchair some of the time, but that she can stand, but definitely can't hop. She loves to tell people how we help Kat walk by putting our hands on her shoulders to help stabilize her ... Annika even occasionally asks us to walk with our hands on her shoulders, like we do for Kat. :)

Our little miss wound up hopping 320 times in 2 minutes during the Hop-A-Thon. She was a rock star!!!

The kids also learned a song that they sang while hopping, but the video I shot of her singing it is sideways. I need to figure out a way to flip it by 90 degrees.... please stay tuned!

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