Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

Last night, Conor and I were playing balloon. What is balloon, you ask? Easy! Think simplified volleyball without the net, sub a balloon for the ball.

As we tapped the balloon back and forth to each other, I warned Conor to be careful of the trunk behind him. I didn't want him to step back, bump into it, and hurt himself.

This was how the conversation went:

Me: "Conor, be careful of the trunk behind you."
Conor: "The what?"
Me: "The trunk. That big wooden thing behind you."
Conor: (pointing) 'This thing?"
Me: "Yes, that's called a trunk."
Conor: "Is that where we put an elephant?"
Me: (biting tongue to keep from giggling) "A trunk is an elephant nose, but also something like that we put things in."
Conor: "Oh.... BALLOON!!!!!" (Vocabulary lesson = over.)

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