Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last week's drama and news

Last Thursday, I came home to discover that Riley (our yellow lab) had basically speared or hooked his face with a piece of decorative fencing. Fortunately, Eric and Annika had come home about 10 minutes before, so the window of his injury taking place was a known entity. After panicking and somewhat running into our fence with my car (oops - no damange, luckily) to get to him quickly, I freed Riley and rushed off to the vet. While we were at the vet, Eric took a wrong step on our stairs and wound up spraining his right foot. Mind you, Eric doesn't bruise; it just isn't in his nature. When I got home (with a clean bill of health and some antibiotics for Riley), Eric's foot was already swelling and turning purple. I was pretty convinced he'd at least fractured it, but he wasn't exactly interested in going to the ER. We decided to wait until the next day to get his foot looked at. Fortunately, it was diagnosed as a sprain... whew!!

On Friday, we had our big ultrasound to do the "how is baby doing" measurements and to (hopefully) find out the baby's gender. Our dear friend Nicole came in on her day off to perform the scan (is that friendship or what??) and was pleased to tell us that our baby was doing perfectly. She also got to tell us that we're going to be welcoming a little boy into our family next spring! Yup - Annika is going to have a little brother and Eric and I are going to have to figure out how to raise a little boy. Let the adventure continue! :)

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fig said...

Good grief! And then Annika got sick. I hope things have settled down for you now! (Hello little Olson boy!)