Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Halloween

We had grand plans for Halloween. On the 30th, Eric was going to bring Annika to my office for the company's trick-or-treating event. We had her lamb costume all set and ready to go. On the 31st, we were going to take her to a few friends' houses to show off just how cute our little girl is in costume. All of that got derailed when Annika spiked a fever Wednesday night and continued into Thursday. Eric stayed home with her and took her to the doctor, who did an H1N1 test on her (we found out a few days later, it was negative). I stayed home with her on Friday. By Friday night, her fever hit 103.4, which started to make us a bit nervous. Her fever didn't break until sometime as she slept Friday night. On Saturday, she was still incredibly congested and coughing, but the fever was hit and miss, and when it was "hit", it wasn't as high as it had been. No trick-or-treating this year for the Olson trio. I'd hoped to get her into the costume for a photo opportunity, but Annika had no interest. We'll try again in a few days, just so her memory book isn't void of a costume picture this year.

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Kate said...

Poor baby!!! Hope she's feeling better, and I hope you and Eric are taking extra-good care of yourselves!

Much love!