Saturday, October 17, 2009


Fall has definitely descended. I've pulled out sweaters and have begun layering clothing. There's something comforting about this time of year. It encourages snuggling up under cozy blankets, wearing bulky clothes, and drinking hot cocoa. We have a chance to slow down a bit because this time of year often brings a lull in the schedule of activities. Summer is a go-go-go time and the holidays are a close second in terms of having things to do. Fall, especially early fall, is a time to regroup, stop for a quick breath, and look around. As I drove home from work two days ago, I was struck by the glorious red the trees that line the drive to my office have become. They aren't simply red; they almost glow because their color is so vivid. I love the new life associated with spring, but there is something magnificent about the colors of fall and all that goes along with this time of year. Before long, it'll be time to pick out our Halloween pumpkins and get to my long list of holiday baking (hurray!), but for right now I'll just stop and enjoy the peaceful nature of this time of year.

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