Friday, September 18, 2009

A week in review

On Sunday, Eric, my brother (Troy), my sister-in-law (Staci) and I got gussied up and enjoyed the spectacular muscial "Wicked". It was beyond amazing and wonderful. The actors were incredible vocalists and dancers. The script contained a perfect balance of humor, insight, drama, and action. The costumes for the Emerald City inhabitants seemed to be a cross between something from Mardi Gras and Dr. Seuss. Truly a show that will stick with us for a long time. After the show, we enjoyed a family-style dinner of take-out Chinese food back at our house with my mom (who was on kid patrol during the show), Annika, and our niece (Kat) and nephew (Ian).

On Monday, as I drove home from work, my sister called to see what I was doing. "Uh - driving home from work." Her reply, "Do you want to come see me at the airport?" OF COURSE! I went home, made a quick dinner for the family, scooped up Annika, and drove to the airport. We had a smidge over an hour to chat, catch up, laugh, and watch Annika play. Even though it was a short visit, I still consider myself lucky to have had a little face-to-face time with my sister. We tend to only see each other 1-2 times per year and this visit seemed like a huge bonus.

The rest of the week has been focused on the day-to-day and gearing up for a dear friend's baby shower on Saturday. I'm co-hosting it with a few other gals and I think it should wind up being eligible for baby shower of the year. Last night, I made my first-ever ice ring in preparation of the shin-dig. Now, let's see if I can get the darned thing out of the bundt pan on Saturday! (Fingers crossed!)

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