Monday, September 7, 2009

Things we hear

Annika's vocabulary has taken off by leaps and bounds, which is typical for kids her age. There are a few key phrases that we tend to hear on a VERY regular basis... in addition to the typical two-year-old's "NO". Enjoy!

B'self = I'll do it by myself.
Mines = That's mine, back off.
Are you? = Where are you?
Uppydown = upside down
Mommy, come (included is the hand motion we use for the dogs)
Daddy, wait (again, included with the hand motion for the dogs)
Help me = I want to help you do whatever you're doing
Lotion = I want to slather anyone within reach with baby lotion

In addition to the vocabulary development, Annika has really taken to imaginary play. One of her favorite things to do is put her dolls and stuffed animals "nigh-night". She is very particular about how the blanket (aka napkin or dish towel) falls over the napper. It is also critical that the napper be in the correct position - on its tummy.

Putting Bunny down for a nap

Giving Bunny nigh-night back pats

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noreen said...

This all seems very familiar! I am sure you hear it all the time, but your girl is just so cute! I love the stories. We get a lot of folks taking naps at our house. too: Bunnies, babies, duckies, doggies, etc. I actually was put down for a nap the other day. A pair of socks were my blanket. It was pretty awesome.