Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last weekend of summer weather

By looking at the 5-day weather forecast, it appears that fall has decended upon our fair city. To celebrate our final weekend of summer weather, the Olsons seemed to cram as much as possible into 48 hours.

The big project was installing the recessed lighting into our kitchen ceiling. It looks wonderful, but the drywall dust that the project created was a bit less appealing. In some ways, it reminded me of when Mt. St. Helens erupted and its traveling ash cloud left that fine silt everywhere. Eric is an absolute rock star for spending much of his weekend in the yucky and grungy attic getting covered in crud and gunk.

Annika and I also got to spend part of Saturday with the Beeman family to celebrate their little guy's 3rd birthday. Gage is definitely Annika's little buddy and they play beautifully together. It is a kick to watch them together and I know they'll be two people who grow up just always having known each other.

After Gage's b-day party, Eric and I shuffled off to some other friends for a great dinner and fun evening of Guitar Hero and Quiddler. I love that we're finding more couples who like to play card and board games!!

On Sunday, Annika and I traveled down south to take my dad to church. To round out the day, my mom, Annika, and I visited some lifelong family friends who offered to share part of their apple crop with us. (I love knowing people who can even have an apple crop!) While my mom and Mrs. Simon caught up a bit, Annika and I played at their beach throwing rocks. Upon arriving home, I went into apple cleaning and apple prep mode to commense my whirlwind applesauce making marathon.

Playing with Nana's hat during church

Throwing rocks at the Simons'

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