Thursday, February 12, 2009

World's worst car wash

I took a few minutes to fill up my car's gas tank (running out of gas mid-span on 520 during rush hour tends to be frowned upon) and decided to run the car through the car wash.

The car wash (this term is being used VERY loosely) by my office has GOT to be the world's worst one on the face of the earth. I know we're in a recession, but I'm still pretty darned sure that car washes are supposed to use soap!! There wasn't a single bubble or sud to be found anywhere. Basically, I paid $6 to have water sprayed on the car, have the car get beat up by hard rubber strips that shockingly didn't shatter my windows, and then sprayed with more water. I resolve to stick with the car wash by our house; I know that place uses soap!!!

1 comment:

Comerford Chronicles said...

Oh no! I'd be ticked! I will be sure to never stop there! (LOL)