Friday, February 6, 2009

18 Months Old Today

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I realized that today is the 6th of February. That means Annika is 18 months old today. In some ways, I am stunned that a year and a half has already flown by. In other ways, it feels like she's always been here and how could it only be a year and a half since her arrival?

It astonishes me to think about all of the things she's learned to do in 18 months. Not only has she learned the basics, like sitting, walking, etc., but she's also learned things that she just learned .... like books are wonderful, playing peak-a-boo from behind the curtains is fun, doggy kisses make her giggle uncontrollably, and chicken enchiladas are just about one of the best foods ever.

She isn't the only one who learned an immeasurable amount since her birth. Eric and I have learned about being parents (an on-going lesson!), developing more patience than we ever thought we'd need, and re-evaluating the really important stuff ... the dishes being in the dishwasher isn't nearly as important as sitting down to read a book or simply wrestle with Annika for a bit. The dishes will always be there .... Annika won't always be at the age where she wants to snuggle up with us for another reading of "Binky" or "Cow Wants to Sing".

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