Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun in the Snow

Yesterday, we woke up to a bit of a surprise ... snow! Apparently, we didn't pay attention to the forecast, because we had no clue the white stuff was going to pay a visit. Because of the weather, Annika's day care opened 2 hours late. I worked from home until it opened, but took a couple of minutes to bundle up my little girl and give her some time to explore the snow. One of Annika's newest words is "brrr!", which I heard repeatedly as she poked her fingers into the snow on our deck.

After letting Annika enjoy the undisturbed snow, I let the dogs out onto the deck with us. Buca went bonkers; that dog LOVES snow. Annika stood watching him do crazy-dog circles, leap, jump, and pounce in the snow. Annika was in hysterics because of his antics; fortunately, I thought to get the video camera out in time to capture some of the entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, Annika has a new hobby - watching Eric toss trail mix into the air and catch it with his mouth. Annika was laughing uncontrollably as each M&M and peanut flew through the air and was caught. Eric and I were following her lead - just laughing at her reactions instead of the flying trail mix. Who knew such things would entertain us on a Monday night?!?

Watching Buca

Poking at the snow. "Brrr!!"

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