Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sleep is for wimps

Annika is fighting off yet another cold, poor little kiddo! She woke up yesterday sounding kind of junky; by last night, her nose was a faucet and she was miserable. As we snuggled on the couch yesterday evening, I let her unstuff almost an entire box of Kleenex. It made her happy and I was only out some Kleenex. Annika went to bed around 7 and was up regularly (I'm talking no more than 15 minutes between wakings) starting around 8:45. After the third trip to her room (about 9:15), I decided to save myself the journey across the house and set up camp on her floor. We were up quite a bit, but did get a reprieve of a few straight hours of sleep when the ibuprophen (or was it the Tylenol?) was in full swing. She wimpered and coughed a good chunk of the night; many times, I should verbally soothe her and she's go back to sleep. A few times, however, she worked herself up to the point that we snuggled in her rocking chair, on my "bed" (aka one sleeping bag on top of another sleeping bag), or just standing in the middle of her room. Fortunately, the fever she had last night doesn't seem to be rearing its ugly head today; let's hope that continues and she had a great day. God bless coffee!!

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