Monday, November 24, 2008

The latest from us

This weekend, we celebrated our niece's 11th birthday, which was lots of fun. It blows my mind that she's already 11 years old. How did THAT happen?!? I made the cake for Kat's party ... white cake, marionberry filling, cream cheese frosting, sugar flowers. It was very girlie and very Kat. Pictures coming soon.

On Sunday, our friend Amanda came over for breakfast. She's in town to do the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the 5th Ave. We love it when Mandy gets Seattle-based gigs and are so excited that she's also going to be a cast member of Sunday in the Park with George this spring. Hurray!

We started gearing up for Thanksgiving. Our turkey (a 12 pounder) is happily thawing in our fridge and the remaining items are primed and ready to be put to good use. Yesterday was my last pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip ... or so I thought, until I realized I forgot to get chicken broth. Dang! One more trip to the store before Thanksgiving is now in my future. Oh well!

Annika's newest things include saying "ppssss" ("ooops" minus the "ooo"). She sounds like she's lisping and spitting at the same time. It is very cute! On top of that, she's now VERY into doing summersaults. She puts her feet, hands, and top of her head on the floor (for you yoga types, think of the downward dog position) and then waits for one of us to flip her over. As soon as she is upright, she's right back to the "flip me" position with her head on the floor. The quells of laughter that erupt from her after flipping over are incredibly contageous and heart-warming. In addition to the laughter, she crinkles up her nose and does this kind of snorting sounds. She's a highly entertaining little kid!

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