Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Hate Me

It's official, we're almost done with our Christmas shopping and I started wrapping presents last night. Yes, Christmas is ultimately about the birth of Jesus, but I must say that I derive a great amount of pleasure from the wrapping of presents and the giving of gifts. I adore giving gifts. I adore wrapping gifts. There ... I said it! (I know, big surprise.)

When I was a teenager, I used to wrap my surrogate grandmother's Christmas presents. She would set up a very wobbily card table in her living room and had many rolls of wrapping paper waiting for me .... along with her incredibly dull scissors. These scissors weren't only dull, they also had a stripped middle screw, so they were loose and dull. Platt used to give me the oddest shaped items to wrap - Hickory Farms gift baskets and Frangos still stand out at the hardest neatly encapsulate with the various Christmas papers. I lived for the boxes of Aplets & Cotlets and the Lifesaver storybook boxes; those were the no-brainer items to wrap. She'd hover with cans of Diet Coke (served on a paper napkin) and some sort of fruit (usually an apple or grapes). I used to LOVE wrapping her presents; it signaled the beginning of Christmas for me. I miss you, Platt!

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Kate said...

We've just begin thinking of what we'll get folks for Christmas.

Speaking of which, is your Amazon wish list up-to-date?