Friday, March 30, 2018

Conor's 8th Birthday

On Tuesday, our little guy went to bed as a 7-year-old and on Wednesday, he woke up as an 8-year-old. Actually, if you ask him, he was still 7 when he woke up because it was before 6:13, which is the time he was born. (OK then, Mr. Specific!)

 A couple of weeks before his birthday, Conor decided that he wanted to bring lemon meringue pie cookies to school for his classroom celebration. (I can't imagine too many 2nd grade birthdays have involved lemon curd and a kitchen torched meringue! You do you, kiddo! Love your culinary prowess!) He also chose pasta carbonara for dinner and grasshopper pie for dessert. (Cousin Robert is very proud of Conor for these choices!)

The birthday celebrations started last weekend when we went up to Whidbey to celebrate the Bestefar, Eric, and Conor's birthdays. This is an annual tradition and one we always look forward to. Eric's sister and brother-in-law were supposed to join us there, but the pass got hammered with snow, making it unsafe for them to make the trek from Eastern WA. 

Conor had a great day at school and as soon as he got home, asked if he could open presents. Ummm.... not so much, buddy. AFTER dinner, we had our family celebration, which included his grasshopper pie (Auntie Suzanne's amazing recipe) and presents. It was yet another reminder of how generous and creative our family members are. (Thank you note will be mailed soon, but in the mean time... THANK YOU!)

Conor's 8-year-old Interview

Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts
Favorite thing about school: PE
Thing you do best: Running
Favorite color: Tangerine
Favorite toy: Spot 1 (DUH)
Future career goal: Professional racer (runner)
Favorite toys to take to bed at night: Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4, Hug-a-Bear
Favorite book: The Book with No Pictures
Favorite song: The Leader
Favorite cereal: Cap'n Crunch Oops All Berries
Favorite movie: Star Wars the Force Awakens
Favorite season of the year: Spring
Favorite food: Carbonara
Favorite animal: Ocelot
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Favorite sport: Foot racing
Best friend: Theodore Jack Thomas
Favorite holiday: Easter
Dream vacation spot: Hawaii
If you had $1000 to spend: I'd buy a house made of Pokémon cards
If you had a wish: I'd take care of my family well
What do you like to do with your friends: Play pretend
What do you want to do before your next birthday: Play with my new catapult game
Favorite thing done as a 7-year-old: First Communion

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