Friday, June 30, 2017

My Artsy-Fartsy Farm Photos

Amid checking for eggs, feeding cows, walking donkeys, and taking in the on-going frisbee games, I took a few minutes here and there to play with my cameras and let my inner photographer have some fun.

I hope you enjoy! 

(The truck photos are of a 1948 Dodge pickup that Terry's dad used to drive when he worked on the farm.

1948 Dodge hubcap

1948 Dodge

Ram hood ornament

1948 Dodge
Dodge steering wheel and rusty cab

1904 barn

Antique farm equipment

Ya can't say you weren't warned!

Rusty farm equipment

Farm fresh eggs


Chicken transporter and hammock swing

James' muzzle

This scale was in our kitchen

Wooden herb crate

Farmer Terry

The goats are deciding who should drive to town tonight
Eric in the Jeep's gas cap

Farm equipment

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