Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Conor's Latest Funny

A few days ago, the kids and I were driving home from Ballard and were stuck at a red light heading. To pass the time, Annika and Conor started reading the signs on the nearby buildings.

I heard them struggle with a word; they kept trying to sound it out, but without any luck. Because the light was so long, I was able to start looking around and realized they were trying to read the word "psychic" on a building. I helped them figure out the word and asked if they knew what a psychic is.

Conor replied, "Yes! It is a super hero's little buddy."

At that moment, I was so grateful that I could grab the steering wheel to within an inch of its life to help control the giggles that wanted to erupt from the core of my very being. After taking a few slow breaths, I was able to say, "Close, but not quite. That's a side kick, honey, not psychic."

Psychic ... side kick ... tomato ... potato

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