Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Day 2016

I think it is pretty safe to say that in our area, we tend to be pretty jaded when we hear that snow is in the forecast. We have been burned too many times with promises of snow that turn out to leave us "Flakeless in Seattle."

So, when we heard that it was supposed to snow last night, we were (in our opinion) justifiably skeptical. Shockingly (to us), Eric and I saw a few flakes start to fall around 8 last night. It was pretty to watch the tiny flakes fall and dust the surface of our deck. We were told that the snow would turn to rain before mid-morning, so we weren't expecting to see anything of consequence when we awoke this morning. Boy, were we fooled!!

We had just over 2" of snow  that resulted in the kids' not having school today. SNOW DAY! Wait, wait, wait. I'd like all people in the central and eastern states to stop laughing here and now. We, unlike you, live in a city that is totally unequipped to deal with snow and we have a very hilly city. On top of that, we have plenty of drivers who aren't practiced enough at driving in the snow to be intelligent (or safe) behind the wheel. BAD combo!

So, we are hunkered down at home. The kids are happily playing in the snow that is on our deck (Eric even got in on the fun for a bit ... yes, while wearing one of Annika's knit hats!). Conor was a bit bummed that we didn't have full-sized carrots for the snowman noses, only baby carrots. (Can we say First World problems??). Annika is now decorating her snowman with chocolate-covered almond eyes, a baby carrot nose, and a Seahawks M&Ms mouth.

I'm happily still in my PJs and am about ready to start on my 2nd cup of coffee. Life is good all around. :)

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