Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Annika's Irish Dance Performance

Since September, Annika has been attending weekly Irish dance classes as part of her school's after-school learning program. She has really enjoyed it ... to the point that she rarely walks anymore... instead, she Irish dances everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Annika? Go get the forks for dinner, please. (Insert Irish dance moves here.) Annika? Please go get your homework out of your backpack. (Insert Irish dancing here.) Annika? Please go brush your teeth. (Insert Irish dancing and tooth brushing here.)

It has been a real treat to watch her skills develop ... both in terms of the actual steps, but also her sense of rhythm and timing.

Yesterday was the last class session. To mark the occasion, the girls in her class did a little performance for their parents/siblings. We watched the girls practice some of their dance steps and then watched them perform a basic dance routine. It was fun to watch them hop around while pointing their toes and keeping their arms straight at their sides. Well done, one and all!!

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