Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tonight's Library Outing

Today, I received one of those "Hey, slowpoke! You STILL haven't picked up the items you have on hold at the library" email messages... yes, I get them quite often. What can I say? I'm a busy gal!

Well, I decided we had enough time and energy to walk up to the library tonight so I could get my items and temporarily stop the pressure from the library to work within its time limits ... so stressful, I tell ya! :)

I asked the kids if they wanted to go with me. Conor jumped at the chance, as did Annika once she realized Conor had received the OK to go in his PJs and she figured going to the library in her PJs, too, would be quite the treat. Easy!

We had lots of fun along the way discovering the silly things we can make our shadows do... and how turning at different angles can greatly alter a shadow. By turning one direction, we could make our legs reallllllly long. By turning sideways, we could lose most of our physical definition.

Annika's "starfish" jump

Grrr... Conor's "tough" pose

Working together to make a more complex shadow
One of the more entertaining conversations we had en route to the library was sparked by Annika when she asked,"what do crows do if they get itchy?" The kids then decided to stop walking and demonstrate what they thought crows would do. Annika thought they'd use the ends of their wings. Conor thought a more "full wing" approach was more likely. I thought they just used their beaks, but who knows??

Annika "itching like a crow"

Conor demonstrating his crow scratching technique
 Of course, we couldn't go on a walk without checking out the Pokemon that might be lingering around the neighborhood! Come on! What were you thinking???

The kids picked out their books faster than I could stroll up and down a few aisles at the library, so they parked themselves by a window and began thumbing through their books. I found a few books that I thought the kids would enjoy, including a paper airplane book for Conor. As he sat by the window reading his book, he proclaimed, "My eyes are having the best day of their lives!" Annika was quickly engrossed in a book she found in the children's area and could only give me a thumbs up when I asked her about it ... can't interrupt someone on a reading kick! :)

Soaking in some paper airplane knowledge

Annika's "thumbs up" book

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