Thursday, August 18, 2016

Annika's 9th Tooth

During dinner last night, Annika mentioned that her tooth was feeling quite loose. We talked about how it would be neat for it to come out on the first day of school next month. Well, that little tooth had other ideas!

Annika and Eric decided to try pulling it while I was at a meeting at the kids' school. Eric slipped a loop of floss over the tooth, only to have the floss pop right off. Annika used a paper towel to dry her tooth. He re-looped the floss... and off it popped again. Annika used a paper towel to dry her tooth AGAIN ... only to have the tooth pop out while she was drying it off!!

How appropriate that she is nine and just lost her ninth tooth!

We did have to go on a bit of a hunt for her tooth pillow, but that didn't take too long (thank goodness!). This morning, she very excitedly showed me the $1 coin and note left for her by the Tooth Fairy. Life doesn't get much better than that when you're 9! :)

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