Monday, June 15, 2015

Last day of school 2015 photos

Last Friday, Annika had her last day of 1st grade and Conor had his last day of preschool. (Excuse me while I take a moment to wipe away a few tears...)

The day started out a bit more relaxed than more mornings because Eric and I both took the day off of work. So, the kids were able to sleep in a bit and we didn't have to rush out of the door quite as hectically as we do on most other school days. Both kids had the opportunity to sleep in a bit, which was good practice for the upcoming summer break! With the kids getting out of school quite early, Eric and I had a more leisurely morning, too... no lunches/snacks to pack, homework to track down, etc. No complaints!

Naturally, the kids were very excited about their last days of school, but Annika was also a bit down because she was going to miss her first grade teacher (Mrs. Portolese). I tried to comfort her by pointing out that the 2nd grade classroom is next door to the 1st grade room, so they'll very likely still see each other at school.

Before we left for school, I took a some photos of the kids so we could compare the first day and last day of school photos. It astounds me to see how much the kids have changed and grown over the school year. Academically, they have soared, but also as maturing little people. What a wonderful journey!

Annika's first day of 1st grade

Annika's last day of 1st grade

Conor's 1st day of preschool

Conor and Stop 1's last day of preschool
Eric picked up the kids from school at 10 (I was helping clean out my Aunt June's house, so I had to live the day vicariously through texted photos!) and that afternoon, he took the kids to pick up Annika's first pair of (reading) glasses. She had been anxiously awaiting them for days and was thrilled when the big day finally arrived. Doesn't she look adorable???
Pretty girl who can see better!

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