Friday, February 27, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Returneth

When I picked up Annika from school yesterday, she was about to come out of her skin with excitement because her wiggly tooth was barely hanging on. Funny how that happens when you keep poking at it!

The funny thing to me is she was a little disappointed that Eric wasn't the one who picked her up yesterday because loose teeth and pulling teeth are his realm in our family. (I think she hoped he'd pull it out right there in the classroom!)

As soon as we were home, Annika bolted upstairs to find Eric so she could share her exciting "my tooth is ready to be pulled" news with him. We had to convince her to actually take off her backpack and coat before pulling the tooth.

The first few attempts of Eric trying to pulling it out with dental floss failed (darn you, waxed floss!), so I decided to up the ante and get him some embroidery floss to use instead. He was able to cinch the embroidery floss against the tooth and after a swift tug, out came Annika's 7th tooth! 

Of course, we put the tooth in her tooth pillow and Annika insisted on drawing a picture for the Tooth Fairy. We talked her out of leaving a snack for the Tooth Fairy. (To her credit, she was being very kind thinking that the Tooth Fairy would be hungry after all of the nighttime tooth-collecting flying that must go on each night!)

This morning, Annika was greeted with a shiny dollar coin and a lovely note from the Tooth Fairy. She was all smiles and could hardly wait to get to school to share her exciting news with everyone she knows.

Bye bye, 7th tooth!

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