Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2015 Daring Bakers' Challenge: Siopao

This month, we were challenged to bake siopao, which are yeast-based Asian buns that can be filled with savory or sweet fillings.

Considering how crazy this month has been with our Disney cruise and post-vacation return to real life, I opted to go as easy as possible with this challenge and went the sweet route. Making the dough was a snap, which I greatly appreciated! I filled some of the bung with strawberry jam, some with chocolate, and some with peanut butter and chocolate. All went swimmingly until the final rise... that's when I should have stuck with my gut instinct. The instructions said to cover the buns with plastic wrap and let them rise for an hour. I knew I should have sprinkled a little flour on the top of each bun before putting the plastic wrap on them. Naturally, after an hour, when I removed the plastic wrap, it stuck a bit to the buns and caused them to rip in places. I tried to patch the holes as best as I could, but to no avail. The fillings oozed out during the baking process and left us with barely filled buns. On an up note, the flavors all worked nicely... there was just that the bun to filling ratio was off due to the escaped fillings. Oh well!! It was still a great opportunity to try something new. :)

Fillings overboard!

Finished siopao .... definitely needed more fillings!

The February Daring Bakers’ challenge is hosted by Julie of One-Wall Kitchen. She challenged us to an easy, simple filled bun using no-knead dough

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madiha Shafi said...

these look yummy and also i love your filling ideas delicious!!