Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Surprise Concert

A few nights ago, Eric and I were doing our usual evening puttering around the house as we took care of little tasks and chores. Little did we know that the kids were up to something in the front room.

As I sorted socks and folded laundry, Annika and Conor were busily preparing a musical concert for us. Not only did they plan the music, they also took care of creating a legitimate venue. They commandeered a roll of birthday wrapping paper and taped it to the wall so they had a proper background. They also built a mini stage (about 2" off of the ground) using building blocks and books. No detail was left unattended to ... they even had glasses of water and bowls of clementine oranges on the coffee table, so their concert goers (aka Eric and me) had refreshments available during the musical performance. The piece de resistance was the handwritten invitation for us to attend a "?" in the front room. (They wanted to keep the performance a surprise as long as possible.) Impressed? So were we!

Not only were their preparations impressive, so was their ability to work together to accomplish a rather sizable project as a team. Not once during their preparations did we hear them argue or express frustration with each other. They were so quiet, we had no clue what they were up to.

Without further ado.... I give you Annika (on ukulele) and Conor (on drums)!!

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