Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toothless in Seattle: Annika's 6th lost tooth

Last Thursday night, as I was tucking Conor into bed, Eric came racing into Conor's room and said, "Don't come in!" I had NO CLUE what he was referring to, so it was easy to comply. My thought was he and Annika were cleaning up her room a bit. Nope! She decided it was time to have her lose tooth pulled and wanted to surprise me.

Apparently, "losing a tooth" was quite literal this time, because as Eric pulled it, the tooth flew out of the floss lasso and was quickly swallowed up by Annika's bedding. Fortunately, it went through the holes of her afghan and Eric was able to find the tooth after he gingerly peeled away the first layer of bedding.

The unfortunate part of her losing a tooth just before bed is the excitement greatly delayed her going to sleep, which greatly delayed when the Tooth Fairy could go to sleep. Sigh ... such is the life of a professional dedicated to serving the needs of her customer base. ;)

You should see this girl eat corn on the cob .... no teeth hasn't deterred her a bit. She now gnaws on the corn using her side teeth. Not pretty to watch, but effective nonetheless!

Annika: 6th tooth out 7/3/14

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