Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Backyard Climber

For a year or two, I've been haranguing guiding Eric toward the idea that our kids would like to have some sort of play structure in our back yard. He agreed that they would enjoy something, but his question was for how long? Would we sink time and energy into something that wouldn't get played with once the novelty wore off?

Eventually, after much badgering conversing, Eric decided to give it a go. He got to sketching and came up with a really fun design that we could build. The big plus is his design is modular, so we can build the initial structure now and then add on things like swings, a slide, etc. later on if we so choose.

Last weekend, we broke ground and got to work. Eric gets all of the props for this project. It is his design and know-how that has gotten us to where we are. He figured out dimensions, required lumber and hardware, proper support, etc. The kids and I lend hands whenever we can and try to follow Eric's instructions as best as we can.

Our first day of work resulted in the basic structure. Nothing that could be played on, but we could see things taking shape. The second day of work left us with a play-able structure. It still wasn't done, but there was a platform for the kids to play on, rails, and a ladder.

As we were working on the climber, I asked Annika what she thought the climber could be when it was done (encouraging creative play and all...). I said that it could be a castle, a pirate ship, a rocket, a boat, etc. Nope! Annika told me it would be a castle and that's all it would be. She would be the princess and Conor would be the prince. Nothing else. OK then! :)

We'd hoped to get the upper "walls" on the structure on Sunday, but Mother Nature had other plans. We opted to avoid electrocuting ourselves while using power tools in the rain and took the day as one to get other, more indoor, things taken care of ... like folding laundry, vacuuming, etc. Not nearly as fun as working on the climber, but important nonetheless.

Phase 1 under way

Our lumber haulers

We did lots of lumber hauling!

Annika checking out the view from on high

Conor's first time on the climber

Conor helping clear some dirt with this plastic excavator

Annika teaching the bolt who is in charge
Ready for the floor!!

Annika keeping an eye on Eric's progress

Conor trying out the newly build ladder

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