Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today's "Didn't-Quite-Make-It-To-The-Waterfront" Photo Excursion

I've realized something about this photo journey that I'm on... not only is it challenging me to grow my photography skills, but it is also a great way to force me to work on overcoming my shyness. Yes, I know. Meredith? Shy?? Come on! It's true. I am painfully shy, but it is something I'm working on, so there's something to be said about that!

Today, I wandered in a bit of a square, ironically through parts of Pioneer Square. My initial goal was to hit the waterfront, but I didn't get anywhere near that point. My first distraction was a little courtyard next to my office building that I'd never really noticed before. There is a neat rockery display that I thought might make a nice photo (it turned out meh... and the rocks digging into my knees made me not feel the need to remain overly dedicated to that shot); while I was there, though, a seagull decided to swoop down and take a drink in the little water feature that I (once again) hadn't noticed. I took a few photos of the gull drinking and then got a real treat when it took to flight. Now we're talkin'!

Up, up, and away

Bye, Bye, Birdie!
(Nothing like Broadway musical references to make a day great!)

Still thinking the waterfront was where I needed to be, I headed a few blocks west, and once again, got distracted. This time, by Smith Tower, which used to be the tallest building west of the Mississippi (true story!). I've tried photographing Smith Tower before, but always had power lines obscuring the view; this time, I found the right spot.

Smith Tower, built 1914

Across the street from my Smith Tower vantage point, I noticed a wonderfully old fashioned red water fountain. It had character galore and I knew it needed my lens' attention. While photographing the fountain, I realized I could capture a reflection of me taking the photos and an obscured reflection of Smith Tower... even better!

Big Red

Hello, me! 

I meandered further down the street and met a very outgoing guy peddling BBQ for one of the Pioneer Square restaurants. He beckoned me to "come on over and have some of the best BBQ in town", but alas, I had no money (and had already eaten lunch). He wasn't one to give up easily, and offered to have me try a bite, just so I could see how good it is. I did and he was right! I'll have to visit that place for lunch one of these days! I wonder if they do take-out... hmm....

I ran into a man unloading supplies for the Seattle Fire Department and asked (once again, working on that shy thing) if there were any fire-y items I could photograph. He explained that he's a civilian working for the fire department (who knew they wear uniforms?) and pointed me to the closest fire house... one that I know well from my morning commutes. After walking a couple of blocks, searching for the front door, and giving myself a pep talk, I rang the buzzer and explained I had a random question... and then proceeded to explain 365 Project to the fireman at the other end of the intercom. He very kindly offered to let me take a few photos of his gear. He pulled his boots and helmet out of a fire engine and I began to snap photos. While I was there, an alarm went off and one of the fire trucks sped off to respond to a call... talk about exciting!

Look closely to see the red lights of the truck leaving the station

Gear with fire truck background

I like the sepia tone here ... it gives the photo an old-fashioned feel

Me getting artsy-fartsy with the photo effects
As you can see, plenty kept me away from the waterfront today, but it was definitely worthwhile!

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