Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Annika's 6th Birthday (pt 2)

It's a fact, but that doesn't stop Eric and me from scratching our heads in disbelief... Annika turned 6 years old yesterday! It seems impossible that it has been six years since she made her debut and changed our lives forever. She has grown and changed so much in these 6 years; it boggles our minds to ponder what she'll do in the next 6. (please excuse me while I wipe away a few tears...)

Sniff, sniff, sniff... OK, I think I've regained my composure enough to continue.

To celebrate her special day, Annika took a book for her class' birthday book collection. (This is the new thing instead of bringing cupcakes, etc.) Last year, we took "Where the Wild Things Are"; this year, we brought a copy of "Harry the Dirty Dog" (or as Annika commonly refers to it, "Dirty Harry") and her teacher read it to the kids before their nap/quiet time. Her teachers also made a birthday crown for Annika (see below) that she proudly wore the rest of the day.

Annika's dinner request was to go to "the parrot restaurant", which everyone else calls Luisa's... a Mexican restaurant that's close to our house. The kids love it because there's a fountain in the foyer (often with a plastic lobster somewhere inside) and wooden parrots on perches that hang from the ceiling. As we drove to the restaurant, Annika gasped when she realized we didn't have her presents with us. We reassured her that presents would be at home after we ate; she skeptically trusted us to follow through on that promise. After a dinner of fish tacos (me) and tacos (Eric, Annika, and Conor), we announced it was time to head back to the house, much to Annika's relief, because that's where her illusive presents were waiting!

After we got home (mind you, the entire drive home was a chorus of lyrics about birthday presents), Annika FINALLY got to open her presents. First, she opened the pink baseball glove and the t-ball set from Conor. She was really excited about the present, but even more excited to open another one. I don't think a little girl has ever been more excite than when she realized the present from Eric and me was a scooter. She has been wanting one with all of her heart for MONTHS and we, being the rock star parents that we are, came through for her. She gushed thanks to us all night long and repeatedly said this was the best birthday EVER because she got the scooter. Enthusiasm galore!

Needless to say, Eric had to become the world's fastest scooter-puter-togetherer so she could give the scooter a try before bedtime. The timing for her maiden scooter voyage was perfect because last night was the annual block party, so the street was closed to vehicles. There was no learning curve; Annika had it figured out immediately and as soon as she got the green light, she was OFF!

While Annika zipped up and down the sidewalk, Eric and Conor set up the t-ball set and had a little practice time. Conor is a natural and might even be a switch hitter if we play our cards right (come on, college scholarship!) Then again, he also adopted a one-handed batting style for awhile, so my hopes for that scholarship might be a bit much. :)

All-in-all, it was a perfect day for an amazing little girl.

Happy birthday, Annika!! We love you!

One excited birthday girl

Annika showing us her fielding abilities

Opening the t-ball set

Wha??? A SCOOTER!!!

There's a little disbelief going on here...

So happy that she fell to the floor not knowing what else to do

Conor's expression here cracks me up!!

Ahhh... sibling love

Our big 6-year-old girl

Annika and her scooter

Off she goes!

A little coaching from Daddy

Home run!!

"Hey Conor, whatcha doin?"

Annika checking out Conor's batting techniques

Annika's turn for batting help from Daddy

Another home run!

Conor decided to check out the scooter while Annika batted

And back to scootering!

Conor happily returned to playing ball and knocking the balls out
f the park (aka into the neighbor's vegetable garden)

Here she comes!
(Wasn't it nice of our neighbors to grow such pretty flowers so we have nice photo opps?)

Conor's one-handed batting technique

Switch hitter!
One happy birthday girl!

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