Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Heat Wave

What we deem to be a heat wave here in Seattle is probably nothin' compared to what people in other parts of the world consider worthy of being called a heat wave. I tell those people, deal with it ... we're usually soggy here, so anything over 60 is a heat wave, darn it! :)

Last week, we had a play date scheduled with Annika's little buddy Allison. Fortunately, the weather was stupendous and the kids were able to have a play date that included running through the sprinkler in our front yard. They had a ball with the new sprinkler that I picked up for just such an occasion.

I'm pretty sure the kids' feet hardly touched our lawn most of the afternoon. As I look back through the pictures I took of them playing, hardly any of them included land based children. Instead, most pictures had leaping, jumping, hopping, or running little ones. So much fun. So many smiles.

After they tuckered themselves out, the kids headed to our deck, which was still bathed in warm sunshine, and enjoyed a picnic snack of grape popsicles and refreshing water. They set out towels (aka the tablecloth) as well as plastic plates, cups, and silverware on our kid-size picnic table. I'm not sure why they insisted on plastic forks, knives, and spoons, but who am I to judge what is and what is not proper popsicle picnic protocol??

Around and around and around they went

Up and over

Right on through

One of the few feet-on-ground moments of the afternoon

Allison leaping through the water

Airborne Annika

The girls enjoying their water and popsicle picnic

Popsicle boy

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