Saturday, May 4, 2013

Conor's First Solo Swim Lesson

Please pardon the delay.... this post should have happened a few weeks ago, but that silly busy life thing got in the way. So, without further ado...

Once Conor turned 3, he was eligible to take solo swim lessons. What are solos swim lessons? I'm glad you asked! He no longer needed a parent in the water with him AND (this is the part we're most excited about) he and Annika could take lessons at the same time. We officially were able to say adios to making two trips to the pool each Sunday - HURRAY!!!!

Conor was a bit unsure of getting in the pool all on his lonesome, but quickly worked his way over that hurdle. A big plus is his teacher was the same person he had during his previous swim lessons. The kids started out standing on a platform that keeps them at about tummy level in the water; then, the teachers take them out into the pool (1:1) to practice kicking, blowing bubbles, using their arms to reach and pull, etc. About mid-way through the class, Conor started warming up to the idea of being in the pool without Eric or me with him. I think the turning point was when his teacher put him on a big yellow floating thing with another little one and zoomed them past Annika's swim class. Conor loved being able to wave at Annika and get a response from her. (Side note: This same teacher also used to be Annika's teacher; he's pretty darned familiar with our family at this point!) By the end of the class, Conor was happily blowing bubbles and sticking his face in the water.

A few weeks into the lessons, he is proving to be a little fish, just like his sister, and LOVES going to swim lessons.

A wee bit apprehensive at first

Kick! Kick! Kick!

Still not quite so sure of the whole thing

Annika LOVING her lesson

Look at her go!

Getting a bit braver

Kicking away

Pool fun!!

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