Thursday, January 31, 2013

Train Time!

Recently, Eric's best friend asked if we wanted to go to the Pacific Science Center's model train exhibit with him and his daughter. It sounded like a great outing, so we quickly agreed to meet Dave and Anne there that Sunday morning.

Our kids were all geared up for an adventure and about exploded when they heard that Uncle Dave and Anne would go on it with us. It was a cold and cloudy morning here in Seattle, and we were all pretty impressed that the top of the Space Needle was hidden from view by the low cloud cover. After waiting in a surprisingly long line to get tickets, we tracked down Dave and Anne and explored the rather impressive world of miniature trains. Fearing for the delicate models, we rather quickly abandoned the display area and let the kids run amuk in the play/interactive areas in the science center. The Lego table was a huge hit, as were any displays that had buttons the kids could push. We eventually wound our way to the water play area, and all I can say is "thank you" to the smart employee who thought of providing free canvas ponchos for the kids to wear. Brilliant!

This being the small world that it is, we even ran into our friend Rachel and her little boy Liam, who is Conor's age. It was amazingly chaotic, so we didn't get much time to chat, but it was still fun to get a little time to wave and watch the kids do their thing.

After exhausting ourselves in the mayhem of the science center, we headed across to the food court, ate mini chicken pot pies and macaroni/cheese pot pies, and worked our way home so Conor could take a much-needed nap. We'll have to head back soon, so the kids can play at the children's museum .... part of the city center we didn't make it to on train day.

The cloud-covered Space Needle

Annika and Conor in their conductor hats

One of the very impressive model train towns

Playing at the Lego table

Choo choo!

Annika riding on the train

Eric, Anne, and Dave waiting in the train line

Me riding the train

Anne and Dave at one of the water tables

Conor playing at a water table

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