Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cousin Time

Recently, our cousin Tonya was in town for work; she was so "in town" that she was basically working around the corner from my brother's office building. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to catch up with her and a family dinner seemed the most likely way to see her.

As an added bonus, our cousin Curt and two of his kids made the trek up from Gig Harbor to join us for the evening. Curt and my brother Troy are the same age and spent a lot of summers together down in Portland, where our grandmother lived.

We did takeout Chinese food for dinner (love our Snappy Dragon) and were louder than could possibly be imagined. At one point during the evening, I mentioned that I have some of our grandparents' hats. The cousins agreed it would be fun to see them, so we wound up with a little hat fashion show.

It was such fun to talk about the old days, common memories, and laugh about our whacky family ... all while dining on yummy food. It is embarrassing to realize how little time we have spent together over the years; something that definitely needs to be changed going forward.

A family gathering in our house is never complete without some computer demos!

Troy and Curt

Troy (not doing his :Troy: face ... this pic needs to be framed!)

Nolan wearing his great grandfather's hat

Hannah wearing her great grandmother's hat

Tonya sporting one of our grandmother's hats

Curt modeling Grandpa's hat

Troy was fetching in Grandma's hat

Tonya is ready for a night out in Grandma's fancy black hat

The whole crew

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