Thursday, February 10, 2011


Conor has been very busy learning all sorts of new skills lately. Last week, he decided to take his first steps ... and has declined to walk ever since. He has also been very busy learning how to talk. His official first word is "bye-bye" and he loves to say it. Not only is he saying "bye-bye" all of the time, he also waves at himself as he says it.

Conor is also figuring out the art of pointing. We like to play the "where is?" game with him. We ask him where someone is and he likes to point to them. He isn't batting 1000 yet, but is getting pretty darned good at it.

Annika turned 3 1/2 last Sunday. It is amazing to see how she is maturing and developing ... especially her speech skills. Almost daily, she spouts some words or phrases that we didn't know she knew. She's thriving at her preschool and we are very proud of how much she's learning.

Latest cute Annikaism: Yesterday, I was talking with her about our up-coming trip to San Diego and explained that Daddy would stay home so he could take care of our dogs. I told her that the dogs would be very hungry if Daddy wasn't home to feed them. Annika's reply was, "Yeah. They need their doggy cereal."

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